Woman rescues an a.bu.sed Cat and treats him as if he were her Son!

Thank u to the person for loving him & giving him a home 🏡❤

Cats are extremely adorable, how [cr.uel] it is to be.at a cat so br.utally!
This cat was badly in.ju.red and [dra.gged] its [blo.ody] bo.dy into the yard of a woman’s house, Pamela Latham’s.

Due to her sev.ere [be.ating in.ju.ries], Pamela didn’t even realize it was a cat at the time, but she decided to do something to help the cat. She cleaned his wo.und and provided food and water to the cat.
Pamela did what most people would do: she gave him the best care possible!

The kitten was too tir.ed to protest or do anything; fortunately, Pamela fed and rested it before taking it to the ve.t, and even the doctors were [ta.ken] aback by his in.ju.ry. The cat’s face was in the [wo.rst] condition possible. In addition to [br.uising] and [infe.ction], one of the cat’s eardrums had [ru.ptured] and its eyes were wide open.

They called him ‘Battle Cat,’ not because of his in.ju.ries, but because he fo.ught for his life with the zeal of a true warrior. And, by some miracle, he sur.viv.ed!

After the infe.ction was cu.red, Battle Cat’s future began to look a lot brighter. He still has a long way to go, and the deep [wo.unds] in his soul will take time to heal.

The cat’s name is Lazarus, and after all his tr.auma, luck has smiled on him; he now has a new mom and sister, and he’s overjoyed.

Lazarus’ [wo.unds] have healed and his fur has grown, and he looks so happy in the photo with his new mom.
After all, Lazarus finally received the love and happiness he deserved!

Thank you to this dear lady for taking this po.or si.ck hu.rt kitty into her home to doctor it and love it and make this kitty much better and give it her loving home!
Bless u both and please keep her safe and loved ♥️🙏🏻😢

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Mother Cat Runs into Bu.rning Building 5 times to save her Kittens!


This is bravest momma cat ever. ❤️

That’s call mothers love,which has no boundaries. She can be a calm cat but when “da.nger” comes she will be vicious Lioness !!
Pure love! After all that and what she’s going through, hope she got to keep ALL of them forever! ❤

Back on 1996. Scarlett and her five kittens were in an a.ban.doned garage which was being used [il.leg.ally] as a crack house in Brooklyn when a [fi.re] started. The New York City Fi.re Department extinguished it quickly. Once the fi.re was finally under control, David Giannelli, one of the fi.refighters on the scene, noticed Scarlett was carrying her kittens one by one away out of the garage.

Scarlett was [ba.dly bu.rned] in the process of running into the fi.re so many times to save her babies. Her eyes were [h.or.ri.bly] bli.stered shut, her ears and paws bu.rn.ed, and her coat highly singed. Even worse, the majority of her facial hair had been bu.r.nt off.

After finally saving all kittens, the mother touched each of her kittens with her nose to ensure they were all there and all alive as the [bl.ist.ers] on her eyes made it impossible to see them at that time. Just when she made sure all of her babies were safe and sound, Scarlett allowed herself to [colla.pse unco.nscious].

Love her courage well done Mum!! ❤❤❤

Scarlett and her entire family were immediately taken to a veterinary clinic at the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York where they were all treated.

An unlucky kitten of the four di.ed very shortly after from a [v.ir.us] a month after the fire. However, after three months of treatment and recovery, Scarlett and her surviving babies were all well healthy enough to be adopted.

What a wonderful and courageous mom to show her babies how much she loves them. Please tell me that she will be ok ❤️

An incredible cat who demonstrated real mother love. ❤️

Watch the video below: 

This is a very old story. But it’s an amazing story still to this day…!


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This Heroic guy Jumped in a storm drain by going down into a small manhole to rescue a tiny st.ray Kitten!


He is absolutely a hero! Amazing your a great man ❤️

Avi is an animal rescuer, and thanks to him, thousands of them have been safely rescued…🐱
What a lovely person do this to save a small kitten 🐱👍
The way he kisses the kitten shows how much he loves it. How wonderful!

Recently, a little tabby kitten went to [hi.de] in a car engine near a parking lot. When the driver returned to his vehicle, the kitten jumped out and ran to seek re.fuge.
As a result, she went straight into the [sto.rm str.ain] and became [stu.ck] in the drain. She became [ter.rif.ied] and continued to [ye.ll] for help until her voice became hoarse.

This guy is a hero 😻👏🎉🥇🥎🥇

When Avi Kuzi noticed the [tr.apped] kitten in the drain, the brave man jumped into a storm drain by going down into a small manhole to save the tiny stray kitten.
Avi said: I always get to be there for them the animals, no matter how challenging the road.

Turns out Avi is an animal rescuer from Israel who has saved thousands of animals through his heroic efforts. And all of his motivation to continue this work stems from his deep love for animals.

So glad there’s people like him.🐱🥰 LOVING ❤️🐾🐾

Avi share that the little kitty is doing well. And the kitten will undoubtedly find a new family who will adore her forever. It’s awesome!
You are indeed a GOOD MAN. 🥰 You deserve a medal!
You have done a very courageous and loving thing… Thank you so much for caring for this little creature.💕

When rescuing animals men look incredibly sexy.💕

We admire people like him…thankful for people like him…🐱🥰
God Bless you for saving these little precious babies, who are God creatures,God Bless you always!!!🙏🙏


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